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The Family pack

The Family pack that Hungry Mouse offers you at a lower price allows you to have three bags in one order. One bag allows three full bowls of freshly made granola. Essential for the start of your day, having the most refined recipes created by our fantastic mouse chefs and feeding you with the vital nutrients to sustain your energy. It is ideal for vegan lovers and high-level athletes who need fuel for their games or just for people who love eating healthily. With six different nutrients and a lovely recipe, we make it possible for you to enjoy and, at the same time, feel better in your soul & skin! One bag plants a tree.

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4 flavour pack

The Four Flavour pack at Hungry Mouse offers bursts with nutrients & added fibres that are magnificent for high-level athletes & for people that enjoy eating healthily! Ideal for vegan and bio enthusiasts & for sustainable food lovers that care about the environment as we do! With the numerous nutrients, our granola recipes contain, we can assure you will feel a difference in your spirit within a couple of weeks. Do you like having fresh-looking skin? We undoubtedly do, which is why our granola ensures the reduction of blackheads & creating new healthy skin layers.

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