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Go ahead, see if you are in love with your new favorite breakfast bite. If you are not in love, simply reach out to Hello@Hungry-Mouse.com so we find you an alternative taste as we care about our customers. We are highly excited for you to join the "Muridae" family where we all take care of each other and get exclusive offers on your healthy snacks.

About Hungry Mouse

Hungry Mouse

Hungry Mouse was established in 2020 by a young entrepreneur. We believe "You are what you eat" as claimed by originator French lawyer, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1826). At times, we were hungry and we wondered what healthy food we could eat. We have therefore chosen to launch "Hungry Mouse" to show the world what it is to be healthy and living a life, which makes your feel better. We currently only produce premium quality granola where it offers you the energy you need during your days at work! Have a look at our webstore and see what product fits you best. Watch below on how we aim to make our world a better place

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Our Granola

Hungry Mouse granola is freshly made daily out of the oven. 100% BIO with no added sugars. Where we aim to provide extra vitamins & important minerals to boost your day! We can fit your needs if you so wish, removing raisins/nuts and more.

Why our foods?

The story behind Hungry Mouse & why the mouse ?

Read our blog written by the CEO of Hungry Mouse Nicolas Miller, on why Hungry Mouse was launched, and why you should choose Hungry Mouse, and not other companies

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Hungry Mouse has launched with the purpose to contribute to a better planet. All of our packaging and forms of deliveries aim to be eco-friendly and try not to harm the environment. Check out our blogs how we try to positively impact today's world, ensuring a better environment for future generations. Part of our profit goes to the "Clean the ocean" foundation to remove plastics from our oceans.

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Deliveries with Hungry Mouse

All deliveries within Brussels will be delivered with our mice team. All shipments are usually ready within 24 which enable us to deliver your parcel in the shortest time possible to keep your granola tasty and fresh.

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