Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at info@Hungry-Mouse.com

Basic Questions

Our goal is to make people love the taste of our homemade speciality where no sugar is added and is entirely BIO. We create our recipes which we then share with our believers. We aim to make the healthiest Food possible where athletes can also enjoy it responsibly. 

We have different healthy recipes. We will publish these recipes soon on our website!

Foods @ Hungry Mouse

Hungry Mouse offers all products that are 100% BIO, which is healthy for human kind and that does not have any preservatives. After research & developments we have found out that foods being BIO is highly important for the human body with various additions. Therefore we have implemented this to have our beloved customers stay healthy during their days at work & at school.

Hungry Mouse offers only granola at the moment although we are looking at possibilities in bringing new healthy foods in the coming weeks. We will keep everyone updated.

Hungry Mouse recipes

We have different healthy recipes. We will publish these recipes soon on our website!

Issues regarding our store

Please contact us by using the contact bar on our website OR email us at support@hungry-mouse.com and we will be there for you to support you on your order.

Returns on orders

Hungry Mouse does not currently offer returns on their foods. This is due to hygiene & the waste on food for ur planet. Please email us at info@hungry-mouse.com if you are sure you are eligible for a return on your order. Please also refer to your order number when sending us an email. 


Hungry Mouse ships in different ways. We currently only ship in Brussels, Belgium, with our internal shipment team that offers you next day deliveries on products if ordered before 8 pm to you in an eco-friendly way within Brussels. BPOST will ship all orders outside Brussels with a fee of 2,99 per order. Please check here for more shipping information. Please keep in mind to allow 3-5 days for delivery time with couriers.

Your parcels are sent with environmentally friendly materials. 100% recyclable and re-usable if taken care of. Depending on the order, we ship in different sizes & recyclable packaging where the packaging depends on the quantity ordered—then placed in a bigger package for safety when being shipped across Belgium. 

Please refer to the "Shipping & Returns" Page for more detailed information.

Please email shipping@hungry-mosue.com for more information

All shipments are sent and taken care by our internal shipment team in Brussels, Belgium. This should go as smoothly as possible, but you will receive an email with the details if there is a delay. BPOST will send shipments outside Brussels. Please note that Hungry Mouse does not take responsibility for any stolen/lost shipments during its journey to the customer. You may contact us if you have questions, we will follow up with BPOST to understand what happened and help you solve the issue. Hungry Mouse cares about its customer and aims to help its customers to enjoy the natural food journey. 

Subscriptions Information

You may choose from various subscriptions. Between 1-4 weeks. Please allow 3-5 days for the preparation of your products. It might take a little longer than usual orders due to the overload. Please again, contact us if you have any questions about your subscription with Hungry Mouse as we are most happy to clarify any question you may have.