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The Story behind Hungry Mouse

February 18, 2021 2 min read

Founder Nicolas Miller behind the scenes story



I'm glad to announce "Hungry Mouse", which has initially thought of since the first lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic back in March 2020. Let me tell you a bit more:) this isn't a sales pitch:) 
I'm currently 18 years old and in my last year of high school. During the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic, I struggled to keep myself healthy and keep moving during these unfortunate times due to being stuck at home. During mornings at the breakfast table, I have never really had a breakfast routine which was essential to the start of my day. I'm a high athlete myself, and since that day, I have wanted to show people around me what it means to stay healthy and promote a healthy way of living.
Since then, I have thought of launching my food brand, and I have made it possible and fulfilled my dream to start my company as a young entrepreneur. "Hungry Mouse" is a healthy food company that sells and promotes a healthy way of living by selling healthy foods such as granola and much more. We only currently sell granola but are expanding in the next weeks to soups and much more. All the foods, which are now only granola, are entirely 100% BIO and contain no added sugars or preservatives. All the packaging which Hungry Mouse uses is biodegradable and is safe for the environment. Not to forget, that part of our profits go to the "clean the ocean foundation" launched by Boyan Slat that initially launched in 2000. Up till now, we have pleased 70 customers in the past two months, which have loved our fresh granola. And we hope to do the same to you:)
I want to pass this message on to you, and I hope that I have persuaded you to start and form a new beginning to a healthy way of living by reading this message.
"Hungry Mouse" can be your new breakfast routine, which gives you all the energy you need during your school days & at work.
You can order your granola at or straight through our Instagram shopping @Hungryy_mouse. You have your granola guaranteed before your next breakfast with a next day delivery around Brussels. 
Again, this was not a sales pitch:) and I hope to have informed you of a new benefit to your days. 
Check HERE if you wish to know more about me as a founder of Hungry Mouse :)
Why should you choose Hungry Mouse?
Hungry Mouse is an ecological company that sustains the environment. All our suppliers are licensed to be eco-friendly and have the same mentality as us as a company. All our foods & our food suppliers use raw materials from a proper origin such as our chocolate. 
Most chocolate factories worldwide give unproportionate
pay to cocoa workers, making it possible to do differently.
 Our chocolate is bought from a local BIO company in Belgium who is licensed as a fair trade company that gives equal pay to cocoa farmers around the world. Therefore, our chocolate we use is high quality, 70% dark with no sugars added! 


We hope you enjoy the journey:)
Nicolas Miller

Nicolas Miller
Nicolas Miller

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