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Hungry Mouse

Here at Hungry Mouse we are obsessed with making tasty things. We're brimming with ideas & energy and passionate about ingredients & flavour.

Meet the Mischief Family (TEAM) of the Mouse

Hungry Mouse

Hungry Mouse was established in 2020 by a young entrepreneur. We believe "You are what you eat" as claimed by originator French lawyer, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1826). At times, we were hungry and we wondered what healthy food we could eat. We have therefore chosen to launch "Hungry Mouse" to show the world what it is to be healthy and living a life, which makes your feel better. Have a look at our web-store and see what product fits you best.   


Our mice deliver 🚚 all orders to your doorstep within 24 Horus in Brussels Belgium. We keep shipping fees as low as possible, so that you can enjoy your granola at the lowest cost possible.

Our products are high quality compared to other granola companies, and this enables us to give you quality granola for your next breakfast. We work around the clock to work on your recipes to give you a unique taste.

Our Packaging

All our packaging is biodegradable and is recyclable when used properly. All materials don't have plastic as that is our aim as a company. Can I recycle my package? YES!

 Our Goal & aim as a company

As a company, we aim to help the environment and to help our planet survive climate change. Therefore we only use biodegradable packaging to recycle all our usage as a company. All our suppliers have the same mindset as us, and consequently, we can work together to adhere to the same goals. All our food is kept in jars, which keeps the freshness and ensures that no plastic particles enter our foods, harming our customers. Keeping in mind that our raw materials are 100% BIO 

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