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Hungry Mouse Hygiene guidelines

Hungry Mouse Hygiene guidlines

Hungry Mouse produces granola daily, where we have the raw nutrients at hand to make the granola for you. All granola is made respecting all hygiene laws and rules. We, as a team, have researched how to best go forth on making sure that our beloved costumers don’t get sick when eating our granola. Therefore, we have implemented rules that we follow every moment when making our food.
What does Hungry Mouse use for hygiene supplies?

Hungry Mouse implements gloves when cooking and wearing a mask, making sure that no particles enter our foods. After use, we dispose of them properly, ensuring that we don’t harm the environment when using such materials. We, at no moment, touch the granola with our bare hands as that breaks the rules. We have kitchen supplies that we use daily to clean and rinsed at 60 degrees to kill all bacteria. 

Does Hungry Mouse own a hygiene certificate?

At this moment in time, Hungry Mouse does not own a hygiene certificate. Although we strictly adhere to all guidelines and make sure that our costumers stay safe, we are in the process of receiving one. We will keep you updated on this matter.

Does Hungry Mouse own a BIO certificate?

At this moment in time, Hungry Mouse does NOT own a BIO certificate. It is in our best interest in getting one, and we are in the process of doing so. Hungry Mouse ONLY buys BIO products from its suppliers while ensuring that our suppliers have a BIO certificate to prove reality. All expiry dates are checked in advance to ensure that we keep all foods in the right conditions. We own all raw materials and keep them closed and keep them sealed to ensure they don’t go over date. We will keep you updated on all the information that is yet to come regarding our Bio certificates and food.

Hungry Mouse aims to make their costumers happy with all the foods we offer at this moment in time. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and are concerned with the order you received.