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Ambassadors at Hungry Mouse

Belgian Champion on long distance running

On the road since he was 14 years old, Yves has competed on various distances ranging from 800m up to marathons and was seven times national champion. With his sports, a balanced diet is vital, and therefore the quality of Hungry Mouse's foods enables Yves to have a balanced breakfast and snacks during his days and for his races.

Yves Luyens

Argentinian international

Tomas Domene, an Argentinian International field Hockey athelte that has competed in various international games during his career around the world. He benefits from the foods that Hungry Mouse offers prior to his games and trainings in order to flourish on the field.

Tomas Domene

Dutch International

Jorrit Croon, a talented dutch field Hockey athelte playing for the international team for the Netherlands. Hungry Mouse allows Jorrit, to keep the energy he needs during his days on the field, to keep his energy levels straight

Jorrit Croon