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Founder at Hungry Mouse. With the initiative to form a healthier way of living for us all.

Nicolas Miller


Virginia, creative designer at Hungry Mouse.


Head of Mice Delivery

Elena, head of the delivery department at Hungry Mouse. Working on logistics and how our delivery team travels by bike around Brussels and around the Netherlands


Graphic Designer

Alfred , working with Hungry Mouse on the graphic designs and helping promote to a healthier lifestyle


Mice Delivery

My name is Alvaro, currently work with Hungry Mouse on delivering all foods around Brussels

Alavro Volcker

Mice Delivery

Hi I'm Anna, working with Hungry Mouse on deliveries around Brussels. Delivering all packs around Brussels by Bike.

Anna Lindvall

Mice baker

Hi I'm Laura, working with Hungry Mouse on preparing all foods. Helping contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Laura Neill

Mice Delivery

My name is Emma, working with Hungry Mouse on all deliveries around Brussels. Hoping to make a change to our enviornement.


Emma Carmona