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We love to inspire others to stay fit & healthy. Therefore, we launched our own organic food brand, enabling our customers to receive all the energy they need during their days at work and at school. Since December 15, 2020, Hungry Mouse has been introduced to a niche market, and then grew as people started to discover our wonderful snacks.

Starting with granola, and expanding to different tastes, adding more nutrients as time passed, we chose to diversify the product porfolio at Hungry Mouse, introducing mini 30 grams protein & energy bars. These bars will provide our customers a quick healthy bite: perfect to obtain an optimal energy level.

Hungry Mouse fullfills a dream, to keep our environment to flourish. Hungry Mouse is a sustainable food brand sharing parts of its profits to 'One Tree planted' with each order. All foods are 100% BIO, without any added ingredients. No regrets!

The packaging of Hungry Mouse foods is fully biodegradable, thereby contributing to a cleaner planet. Since its launch, Hungry Mouse has pleased more than 500 customers, who benefited from our foods.

Why should you choose Hungry Mouse?




Eco-freindly suppliers


All our foods & our suppliers use raw materials from a proper origin such as the chocolate. Most chocolate factories worldwide give unproportionate pay to cocoa workers, making it possible us to do differently

Our chocolate is bought from a local BIO company in Belgium who is licensed as a fair trade company that gives equal pay to cocoa farmers around the world. Therefore, our chocolate we use is of high quality, 70% dark with no sugars added! 

The team at Hungry Mouse hopes you enjoy the journey to a more sustainable future