Shipping & Returns

Shipping Details 

Hungry Mouse offers to ship all around Brussels, which is delivered with our Internal shipment team. Therefore, we can provide you with a 24-hour delivery that enables you to receive your granola fresh and ready for your breakfast. Please BARE in mind that delays may occur due to higher demand and seasonal days.


Refer to our delivery policies HERE & refund policies HERE



Zone 1 0,30 (Postal Codes)  1150 1200 1202 1160 1170 1040 1950 3080 N/A
Zone 2 0,70€ (Postal Codes) 1050 1000 1047 1060 1190 1180 1066 1630 1620
Zone 3 1,10€ (Postal Codes) 1410 1414 1331 3090 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

 Your postal code not included in the list?  

Please message us if we have not stated your postal code. We might have missed it, and we can adjust it so that you may order your products. Please email us at, and we will answer within 45 minutes.

Are you a member at the international school in Brussels (ISB) ?

Please mention when checking out that you are an ISB member and we will most happily call you and arrange the most efficient and effective way delivering your product to you. We are experienced, and have people working with us to make this more efficient. Please put your own address when ordering even though you would like it delivered on campus. So that it's easier for us to manage everything at once. Use the chat icon if you are wondering on other options.

 Shipping outside Brussels

All shipments outside Brussels are possible. You may purchase right away, and we will send your food to your address chosen. Have specific requests? Click on the chat icon and we will be with you very soon!
BPOST Shipping (Outside Brussels)

 BPOST Shipping (standard Rate) (1-3 Days) 3.50€
 BPOST Shipping (Priority Shipping) (1-2 Days) 6,50€


All shipments within Brussels are shipped with our internal shipment team working with Hungry Mouse. We currently only ship within Belgium. We will deliver all shipments placed within Brussels in person whereas deliveries orders outside Brussels will be sent with BPOST.

 Our Internal shipment team is pleased to provide you with fast and reliable shipping. They use bikes & eco-friendly cars with safe types of equipment to deliver your product with care. Depending on the number of orders we have daily, delays could occur, where it takes between 1-3 days before we deliver your product. 

 Shipments made outside Brussels are sent with BPOST with a standard rate of 2,99 Euro. Shipments can take 1-3 days to deliver. If there is a delay, we will contact you with the necessary information—priority shipments with a standard rate of 6,50€. 

Deliveries may take longer on high seasonal days, and we will contact you via email if delays occur. OR feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

All packages and packaging are sent most ecologically; therefore, we deliver personally within Brussels to decrease vehicles' use on the road. Unfortunately, we can't provide person deliveries outside Brussels, as the KM range is substantially too far. 

Hungry Mouse does not take responsibility for stolen and damaged products. If packages/shipments are damaged upon arrival, please contact, and we would still be glad to help you if it fits in our criteria. We will need your order number & email you used to order your product. 

Returns on orders

We do currently NOT offer RETURNS on products that you have ordered. Please email if you think that your product fits within the criteria that we put in place.