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Hanoi coconut bowl & spoon

  • This coconut Hanoi bowl has been manmade & polished. This bowl is different than all other bowls as it has been decorated with a fine liner. Made by hand and polished with care and diligence.

    Each recycled coconut shell is unique, which is why the shape and size can vary.


    Coconut bowl does not go to the dishwasher. Wash with liquid that is preferably environmentally friendly (which contains fewer aggressive wood assets)

    Easy to clean by hand (under water preferably cold/warm but not hot) and to continue to enjoy their beautiful natural color, nothing better than brushing them with... coconut oil of course! A little oil on a cloth, brush and then pass a clean cloth to remove the excess oil: your dishes 100% natural is like new!

    - For more difficult tasks (such as oil stains), simply clean with Marseille soap or black soap on the surface

    - After a few washes, you can enhance the permeability of the shell by brushing the inside with a little coconut oil. Remove excess oil with a cloth.

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