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Coconut Spoon

  • Our spoons are reusable: it is an ideal alternative to single-use of plastic cutlery for your meals: you can take it with you everywhere and say no to plastic cutlery! An ideal way on eating your granola without having an extra taste to your foods.

    Its exotic side and will go perfectly with our smooth coconut bowls to enjoy.

    Each recycled coconut cutlery utility is unique, which is why the shape and size can vary.


    Does not go into the dishwasher

    Wash with a dishwashing liquid preferably ecological (which contains less aggressive assets for wood)

    Easy to clean by hand (under water preferably cold/warm but not hot) and to continue to enjoy its beautiful natural color, nothing better than brushing it with... coconut oil of course! A little oil on a cloth, brush the coconut wood fork and then pass a clean cloth to remove the excess oil: your 100% biodegradable fork is like new!

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